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What Others Say About Powerglove

Let Powerglove do for you what it did for these other golfers:

"The Powerglove is the best and most comfortable golf glove I have ever used."

Read Mickey's testimonial about Powerglove.

-- Mickey Jones,
-- (Pete BIlker of ABC-TVs "Home Improvement")

"I won't play one round of golf without my Powerglove."

"My family and friends can't believe the difference in my game."

-- Emylie D. McGee,
-- Manhattan Beach, CA

"My goal was to break 100.  My goal is now to break 90."

"The gods of golf smiled on me when I discovered the Powerglove."

-- Clarence "Motts" Thomas,
-- Claremont, CA

"The Powerglove is recommended as an effective teaching and training aid. Use the loop to ingrain that winning grip into your muscle memory to get the most from your practice play."  Read their Review on the Powerglove.

-- Product Reviews,
-- (Golf Boston Zone)

GOLF Magazine:

"A leather strap attached to the glove wraps around the club as you grip it.  The strap forces the club into the left palm during the backswing, reducing the tendency to regrip.  We definitely felt the pressure during the swing, and it may teach the proper feeling of holding on. (* * * ½)" - June 1995

Golf For Women:

"The powerstrap attachment ... is designed to prevent you from opening your fingers, so you're compelled to turn your shoulder to get the club back into a horizontal position at the top of the backswing.  The Powerglove also helps strengthen your grip and can be used without the powerstrap."

Senior Golfer:

"Losing a firm grip on the club at the top of the backswing can not only cause off-center hits, it can also cause a golfer to lose confidence during the downswing.  The powerstrap attachment ensures that your grip -- and your confidence level -- are secure.  There's no need to grip the club too tightly or to worry about wet weather, and the Powerglove is especially useful when hitting out of the rough or the sand."

Golf Product News:

"One of the primary causes of bad shots by high handicappers is failure to complete a full shoulder turn.  The Powerglove prevents golfers from extending the length of the arc and compels them to turn their shoulders to get the club back into a horizontal position at the top of the backswing.  It promotes the turning and coiling action essential for power and control." - May/June 1996

Golf World:

"The Powerglove, illegal in competition but effective, is sure to strengthen any golfer's grip.  The two key elements are an attached Velcro wrist band and a leather powerstrap (loop) that secures the grip of the club against the palm of the glove hand." - February 16, 1996

Golf Tips:

"The technical term from a golf pro might be 're-gripping.' ... It's what happens when the grip fails and your fingers open up.  The Powerglove has a strap that fits over the butt end of the shaft to lock the club into position, making it easier to maintain the grip throughout the swing.  It also reducing clubface twisting at impact.  During [regulation] play, the strap can be attached to the back of the glove." - August 1996

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